Welcome Slice Harvester Fans

I’m a pizza fan too. My favorite is Ben’s Pizza on MacDougal (only worthy of 5 stars from Colin). I’m from NJ, but live here in Southern Oregon, where the only place serving a decent slice is Martoli’s in Ashland.

Being homesick for truly great pizza I’ve followed the Slice Harvester blog since day one, and have lived viscerally through the ups and downs of the Harvesting adventure. It just seemed natural that Colin needed a map, so I put it on my to do list for fun. Enjoy.

I do an Electronica radio show on FM radio here in Southern Oregon. Please take a moment to check out the Ustream, or catch the Podcast HERE

Here I am on Twitter

Stream Salva’s upcoming Complex Housing release

Sick street sounds from Salva.

Salva: Complex Housing by factmag

Krazy Baldhead Mix by Glitch Mob

Remixed by the Glitch Mob. enjoy!

Underworld – Downpipe

Shown on a building in Dublin:::

Warp 20 Videos

Warp 20 is the 20th anniversary of Warp Records, celebrated in compilation releases and concerts. Check out the NYC event documentary here, or pick up the compilations

Warped 20 (Chosen): Put to a web vote for the top 20
Warp 20 (Recreated): Songs rerecorded by other Warp artists


Check out the ‘New Lot’ competition from Lot49 HERE

They are in search of excellent and original producers. I like that the qualification for the contest is that you just write some great electronica.

Judges include
James Zabelia
D Ramierez

Techno Is The Winner

Richie Hawtin Explains His Traktor Dj Setup

One of the first of us to go digital says, “For me, it’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities.” Amen.

Richie Hawtin 2008 DJ Setup from Dean Koch on Vimeo.

Morrissey Guest DJ on KCRW

Moz picks some new up and coming tunes and defines his influences with older picks as a guest of Nic Harcourt on KCRW. At least check the first tune by the Courteenas!

A Closer Look At Ghostly

A great intimate video of a super record label